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December 29, 2018

The Pride of Texas: Texas State Capitol Building

Texas State Capitol Building



I am sure many of you have heard that everything’s bigger in Texas. Well. in my short experience since moving to Texas I can say that it sure feels like it. It feels like everything they build has to make a statement of their great pride of Texas. This including the Texas Capitol Building in Austin. Since we arrived in Texas and saw it I knew that had to photograph it.

I got to explore inside of the building and I was impressed with the number of details showing their Texas’ pride. It is a gorgeous building inside and out filled with great history and pride. If you come to Austin make sure you explore it.

Travel. Enjoy. Respect. Travel Deeper.

David – Sony Alpha Photographer. #BeAlpha

Inside the dome of texas state capitol building

I found that the inside of the dome is quite impressive and beautiful.


street view of Texas State Capitol Building

View of the Texas State Capitol Building dome from one of the side streets. It can be seen from almost everywhere in Austin.


Texas Capitol details

Texas Pride is clearly shown in the attention to details that you see all over the Texas Capitol Building.


View of Texas State Capitol View of Texas State Capitol View of Texas State Capitol

Front view of the impressive and proudful Texas Capitol Building.





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